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So you don't worry...

Maybe you aren't worried, but if I don't post a new blog entry soon Reid will start to worry about me. Then, I'll get defensive and self-conscious and really won't have anything to blog about. The truth is, actually, I have a lot I could blog about. I have some posts I am working on, but they are all heavy and serious and I need something light right now. So, since this is my blog I am about to post the most random assortment of "things that I've been thinking lately." Ready for some light hearted random?

1. My first week in Little Rock my dad and I were trying to find a place to eat dinner that was both close to the nursing home and Baskin Robbin's. We passed a place called Enterprise. My dad asked if I had heard good things about that new restaurant because it always had tons of cars out front. "Dad, Enterprise is a car rental company." People, if you hang around long enough you will learn I can't make this kind of stuff up.

2. Dancing with the Stars started tonight and I am so excited. I am rooting for Melissa Joan Hart and Kelly Osbourne, but I'm sure that will change - I really go for whoever is doing the best. That means I will be rooting for someone like Donnie Osmond later this season. I wonder if any of the professional dancers cry during training like the stars do. I mean, wouldn't you cry if you were a rockin' dancer and they paired you with... someone like me? This video reminds me a little of what Reid (also has two left feet) and I looked like in the one dance lesson we agreed to take before our wedding.

3. Why is it that Reid doesn't like me to just call him for no reason when he's at work during the day. I mean, it won't be forever that I have lots of free time?

4. There should be a huge disclaimer tag on jeans that stretch that says: "If you buy these jeans in your usual size they are going to stretch out so much that you could use them as maternity jeans." I'm pretty sure I showed at least three people my unmentionables on Sunday at church because my jeans stretch to almost unwearable in the waist! Lovely.

5. I wish buying a house wasn't such a formality. I mean, fax this, agree on that, leave the refrigerator, close by November 15th, and all that while trying to agree on a price. Pish, Posh. Just sell us your house already.

6. I don't think Tony Romo can have a girlfriend during football season. Period. It makes me sad they blamed it all on Jessica Simpson. Or, maybe Romo just sucks as a quarterback.

7. My brother is dating an older woman. Maybe you saw that I referred to her as a cougar on Facebook. I had the pleasure of meeting her later that week, and while our meeting didn't change their age difference, it made me much more comfortable with it. My family really likes her and are glad my brother has found someone so kind.

8. Have you ever had a Sonic drink? My sister Eleanor and I are convinced there is some kind of narcotic in Sonic drinks that makes them addictive. I've tried 27 times since my junior year of college to give up my daily fix of a "large vanilla diet coke." I always go back. I'm convinced I would have an easier time trying to quit smoking (but I don't smoke so we'll never know).

9. Reid and I went to buy a baby gift at Janie & Jack, a baby clothing store at Northpark, yesterday. The lady thought we were buying clothes for our newborn baby. You would think that maybe that comment would make me want to nix the addiction mentioned in #8, but I have to confess I went to Sonic today.

10. I'm sick of people freaking out about the Swine Flu. Yes, take normal precautions - wash your hands, stay away from the sick, vaccinate, go to the doctor if you feel sick, etc. But, there is no reason to go overboard. I have to remind myself of this verse everyday or I could easily live in fear of the "what ifs" my Dad, brother, sister, and I face with my mom living in a nursing home. She will be getting the vaccine, and though there hasn't been a lot of testing I have to trust that the CDC wouldn't allow her, and thousands of others, to be a guinea pig. Just remember, God knew all the days we were going to be on this earth before we ever took your first breaths (Psalm 139:15-16). He is the Sovereign Maker.

My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,

your eyes saw my unformed body.
All the days ordained for me
were written in your book
before one of them came to be.


  1. I agree completely about the swine flu! Chill out people! I love your random list

  2. I love this! The randomer (I realize this is not a word) the better as far as I'm concerned! And, feel free to call me in the middle of the day for no reason at all, because I think Herschel is sick of me doing it, too. I'm with you, I don't see what the big deal is?? They should be thankful they have someone who wants to call them.

  3. I love you! This made me laugh so hard. I am still visiting my parents, and also the screen on my phone is out. please call me next week so we can catch up. or email me with your # and I will call you!


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