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Long day

We all took turns taking naps at the nursing home. Here is a funny picture of my dad. -- Post From My iPhone

Grow old along with me...

I love this song and often think of how sweet it will be to grow old with my husband. I am learning, as I watch my mom, that growing old can come long before we are ready.

Heading to Little Rock

I am sitting in the Dallas Love airport waiting to board a plane to Little Rock. I am so excited not to be driving this weekend. So excited, in fact, that I think I will start trying to convince Reid just how dangerous it is for his wife to drive by herself after work on a Friday. Very dangerous I tell you! I am a bit nervous about my weekend home. My mom has shown a few signs of disease progression this week. Just when we get used to one thing, I feel like something unravels a bit more. If you think about it I would be grateful if you could pray for our weekend together, for my mom to feel peace, and that my family would have wisdom. I will update more after I see her and can use something other than my iPhone for posting. And, let's talk for a minute about my Mimi. She turned 92 last week and is still as feisty as ever! Below is a picture of Mom, me and Mimi at Thanksgiving. Thank you for your prayers! -- Post From My iPhone

Dear Summer,

What did you do with Spring? It is 86 degrees in Dallas today. The kids are having a blast playing at the park in their new summer clothes! I, however, am wearing jeans. Not the best decision for playing at the park. Um, and can you get sunburned in February? Oops! Pushing the swings. Emme and Mare -- Post From My iPhone

Someone told me about this and it is hilarious! If our child's teeth look like this right out of the womb then I am in trouble!!!!!!!!!! What do you think about my little new baby Baby Grandle? - What will your baby look like?

Reid's Weekend Home

Reid came home this past weekend. It was so fun to finally see him and get to spend a relaxing weekend together. Friday night we ordered take-out from Terilli's , one of our date spots, so we could catch up on our DVR recordings. Saturday we slept in and then went to Northpark to get a few things for Reid to take back to Hawaii. While we were there, Reid surprised me by letting me pick out a new pair of sunglasses. I have been giving him a really hard time (jokingly, of course) about having nice sunglasses, and he wanted me to have a pair for Hawaii! So, I chose a classic pair of Ray Ban aviators.  Saturday night we went to church and out to eat with some couples in our Home Group. It was great for both of us to be back in church together and to have community with great friends. Reid left Sunday morning to go back to Hawaii. When I dropped him off at the airport I still couldn't kiss him from being sick last week (my doctor says that until the drainage and coughing stop I am s

Emerson Kate

I know Jennifer won't mind if I share this picture of her beautiful baby girl. The kids had their picture taken a week ago, and this was one of Emme's. How pretty is she?!


I stayed with Luke and Emme overnight on Thursday while their parents were away. Reid got home from Hawaii on Friday and wanted to stop by and see us. When Reid walked in the door Emme got a huge smile on her face, held out her arms and started saying "Eido" - Reido was pretty excited by his greeting! When he picked her up she put her head on his shoulder and wouldn't let him put her down. It was so sweet! From the looks on their faces I think it's clear they are both pretty smitten!

These are a few of my favorite things...when I'm sick

Well, I started feeling a little under the weather Saturday evening and it continued to progress until I woke up Monday morning. I slowly lost my voice because of a terrible sore throat, started coughing and feeling fatigued, and have had a low grade fever off and on. I visited the doctor Monday afternoon and didn't learn much. Basically, four people before me had the same symptoms and the Doctor diagnosed all of us with a viral infection. I should have pressed for more tests, but I didn't feel good and I just took his word for it. Blah. I was told to let it run its course, unless I woke up Wednesday (day 5) still feeling badly and then I could take the Z Pack he prescribed. Well, I woke up this morning, after only sleeping four hours last night, and decided by 10 am to start the antibiotics. With my luck, before it's all said and done, I'll have to make another trip back to the doctor - I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I thought I would share a few of my favorite th

My Parents Valentine Baby

Toby, my parents miniture weenie dog, turned seven on Valentines. My dad had quite a nice surprise when he learned that Toby was, in fact, only seven. Dad had been doing the math wrong... We hope Toby is around MANY more years to say the least! Anyway, I dressed Toby up for the occasion and he was quite cooperative. His birthday sweater was blue, but had a heart design for Valentine's Day! -- Post From My iPhone

Valentine's Visit

Dad brought Mom roses and ice cream tonight. I am sitting across from the table typing this as I watch him feed my mom. Tears are streaming down my face as I imagine how different this Valentine's is for both my parents - for our whole family. I guess every holiday will make me a little more emotional and carry new meaning now. For this one it is seeing the unconditional love my dad continues to pour over my mom even when she doesn't respond. What better gift can a parent give their child than that? -- Post From My iPhone

Miley Cyrus

The sixteen year old is being sued for 4 BILLION DOLLARS after an offensive picture surfaced of her making "Asian" eyes. Do you think she got grounded when her parents found out? -- Post From My iPhone

Happy 200th Blog Post!

Because he doesn't check our blog regularly I took the liberty of posting this picture. We'll see how long it takes him to notice. Doesn't he look nice? HA! This picture was taken after I arrived in Philly for his graduation in May 2006. I nearly died when he shaved his beard and left this. I really don't remember how long it was before he shaved it off, but I probably refused to kiss him until he did!

Week Update

The Liljas and I celebrated our one year anniversary this week! Can you believe I have been working for them for a whole year? I sure couldn't. It has been so fun to see Luke and Emerson change over this past year. Especially, to have watched Emme learn how to communicate and learn how to walk. Luke, physically, hasn't changed too much. But, he is comprehending so much more, carrying on conversations, and is so inquisitive about all sorts of things - lately it has been the Statue of Liberty and sting rays. Unfortunately for Luke there is only so much I know about these two things. I think we might upgrade from the children's library to the general library this week so we can get books on these two subjects! Here are some pics of how much they have changed over the year: Worn out after a day of playing. They both fell asleep on the ride home. At the Zoo with the HUGE gorilla! Em didn't like being so close to him. J Lo, I mean Emme at the pool last summer. Picnic lunch l