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Merry Christmas!

Reid and I were blessed with one of the greatest gifts this year! I am constantly in awe of the "wonders of His love" when I look at Olivia. I kept repeating those words in my head over this past week. What a gift she is and, oh, how wondrous is He. Messiah, the King, Prince of Peace, and our Emmanuel. Those attributes have taken on new meaning this year and how thankful I am to know WHO He is. I hope your Christmas was filled with joy, and most of all, I pray you would know the wonders of His love. "You have multiplied, O Lord my God,  your wondrous deeds and your thoughts toward us; none can compare with you! I will proclaim and tell of them, yet they are more than can be told." Psalm 40:5 ESV

Winter Hat

Olivia is getting a new winter hat in her stocking for Christmas, but mommy couldn't wait to try it on her! I think this silly girl approves!

One year ago...

One year ago today we heard the life changing words, "I see four." One year later, I'm so thankful for this special gift. We love you, Livi girl!

Seven Months

Seven months old. I think I have such a hard time believing it because she's still so little. This month has been so much fun - she's smiling more, laughing a deep belly laugh, has started recognizing us and showing preference to us and certain toys. She is such a delight! The sixth month (two months adjusted) was the hardest by far. We had some breastfeeding issues. Basically, Olivia figured out taking a bottle was much less work than breastfeeding and most feedings she refused to eat and cried until I finally gave in and let her have a bottle. At her six month appointment the pediatrician basically told me my tiny baby had become a master manipulator and was much smarter than I gave her credit for. ;) We spent two weeks battling it out exclusively breastfeeding to get back into our groove and it worked. There were days that were really hard and discouraging, but I am so glad that I stuck it out. She's eating 5-10 minutes each side about every two hours. Most days she

Catching Up

Well, Olivia will be eight months old next week and I still have yet to do a seven month post. Sigh. Until I can get it together to write a full update I'll include a few recent pics. She is as sweet as ever and this week I feel like we are finally starting to get a handle on her daytime schedule. She's always been a great nighttime sleeper (11-12 hours lately) but won't nap in her crib. Will only sleep on me, actually. And I love it. :) It's so special to get to cuddle with her for those few hours during the day. At some point, we'll have to make some adjustments. For now, I'm enjoying our sweet naptime. And napping with mommy!