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Healthier Key Lime Pie

Today we had a few friends over to watch the final game of the World Cup. For dessert I made Key Lime Pie from a recipe I saw in the July issue of Southern Living (I actually made the same recipe last night, too). It uses some healthier alternatives to the standard baking ingredients and is still SO good! I thought I'd share! Key Lime Pie 1 (14-oz.) can fat-free sweetened condensed milk (the first time I made it I used regular, and there actually isn't much difference in taste!) 3/4 cup egg substitute 1/2 cup fresh lime juice (I do half bottled and half fresh squeezed when I make 2 pies. I was a little more liberal with the bottled lime juice today and I think it tasted better.) 2 tsp. Key lime zest (regular fresh lime juice and zest may be substituted) 1 (6-oz.) reduced fat ready made graham cracker crust 1 (8-0z.) container fat-free frozen whipped topping, thawed 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Whisk together first 4 ingredients until well blended. Pour mixture into piecrus


Tonight we had some friends over for a little BBQ. It was our first official night to entertain in our house, so that was fun! I'm trying to get better about taking pictures, but of course didn't think about getting my camera out until after the Pardues had already left. But, I stole a pic of them from Facebook for good measure, and I resolve to do better next time. The Pardue Fam Saylor Me, Caroline, Abbi, and Erica Matching in our purple Me and Reido

Annabelle and Mary Wesley

The Smith Family Mary Marshall and Kyle were one of the first couples that we met when we moved to Dallas. Kyle and Reid were staffed locally, and MM and Kyle were newlyweds, too! There were team dinners, double dates, a holiday party, dinners with MM when the guys were traveling, an OW Summer BBQ, and much more! Two years ago they moved to the Middle East to join the Dubai office and we've missed them dearly! About a year ago we got a fun email announcement that said they were pregnant... With twins... And moving to Zurich! WOW! So, two years later we we able to hug their necks (Reid actually got to hang out with them while he was staffed in Zurich last Fall/Winter) and meet sweet Annabelle and Mary Wesley! (I'm sick I forgot my camera!) Love this one of Kyle and Gabe feeding the girls.

10 Favorite Things

Michelle did a post of her "10 Favorite Things" of summer and I thought I'd share mine (in no particular order, but the first. ;) 1. Summer weekends with Reid 2. Hummus 3. Crossfit - So glad I finally went back, even if its only been a week! 4. Sonic un-sweet tea with Splenda 5. Central Market's Italian Cream Cake - Hello lover. 6. Sushi 7. "Cool" mornings with Samson at White Rock 8. Traveling - Puerta Vallarta in a little more than a week! 9. Hanging out with friends and family 10. Mad Men - We love having a series to watch together and needed a new one since Lost ended.

California Trip

Reid and I went to visit his extended family in California for his cousin's high school graduation and to celebrate a big year of 60Th birthdays with a 1960's themed party (Reid and I did not win best costume - go figure). It was a quick trip but we had so much fun! I even learned how to make the famous family sauce recipe with Aunt Christina and my mother-in-law, Debra. When Reid and I were engaged Nona, Reid's grandmother, taught me how to make manicotti, and this past weekend I finally mastered meatballs. I think in the past month I've officially become Italian. ;) Here are a few pictures from our trip: Lunch with Aunt Lynn The Guests of Honor Our "festive" attire at the party ;) Some of the cousins and a family friend The Grandle family at the graduation party for Nicholas The graduate with his Mom and Dad Nicholas and his older brother Alex enlisted in the Marines and leave for boot camp in late October. We are so proud of both of them and know that they