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Lord, I want to suffer well.

If I'm honest with myself, I don't think I suffer well. Not when "suffering well" looks like this . In the past two months my eyes have been opened to see suffering in a different way - to see my suffering as being counted worthy to endure it for the sake of Jesus Christ. Lord, I want to suffer well. The Associated Press just released an amazing story about Matt Chandler, his family, and his battle with cancer. The article was picked up by papers in Mexico and Finland, along with the Washington Post and NY Times. Pray that this message reaches to the ends of the Earth for His glory.

Samson Learns "Sit"

It was time to start some training this weekend with our little Sambo . We are using baby carrots and will continue to extend the length at which we make him sit and wait for his reward. He made it as long as five seconds today, however, the video I posted shows an instant reward. On another note, he is fully house broken at nine weeks! YAY Samson! This weekend proved to be the turning point. I started bell training him two and a half weeks ago (he hits the small bell with his nose that is tied to a string and hung on the back door) and for the last week he was having just one accident a day. Usually it was my fault for not being quick enough, but since Friday he has been sitting at the back door after he rings waiting for us to take him out. Such a smart boy! Now to control the playful biting..... ;) Samson Learns "Sit" from Mary Grandle on Vimeo .

A BIG day

Apple had another big reveal today at a press conference in San Fran! After their yearly conference two years ago we bought our MacBook Pro. It was our first Mac, and to say we'll never look back is an understatement. Today, after the reveal, I am beside myself. The newest, greatest product is the iPad . It will be perfect for traveling when you don't want to lug a 17 in laptop around. Perfect, I tell you! Now... I just have to figure out a way to get one!

Third Anniversary!

Wedding Day One Two Three Well, this post is a little over due. I thought I'd wait until the weekend when I at least had a picture to post. I really can't believe its been three years, and on the other hand I can't believe it hasn't been five! I feel like we've packed so many fun memories into three years. Really, we have been blessed beyond measure. Since Reid was only home for 39 hours this weekend (thank you OW and Zurich), we opted for a low-key night at one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas called Terilli's . Instead of going to spend the night at a hotel downtown as we have in years past we came home to Samson. And, I should probably add there was no better gift we could have gotten for our anniversary than this dog. We love him. Samson

Help Haiti

"Restore us, O LORD God Almighty; make your face shine upon us that we may be saved." Psalm 80:19 We can ALL do something! You text a code that adds $5 or $10 to your phone bill, donate to Compassion , or give in one of many other ways. Take time to see how you feel moved to give. Mine was through the blog of Ashley and Sean Eppers and the story of a family who is adopting from Haiti. Go here to read their story and find out how you can Help Haiti!


I saw this on our pastor Matt Chandler's Twitter updates and it struck something within me today. Maybe it's because I can't stop thinking about the devastation that has ravaged a poor, helpless Nation over the past 24 hours? Maybe it's because I often find myself feeling helpless to my mom's disease? Or maybe it's something the Lord hasn't revealed to me yet. All I know is that when I feel helpless, and like I can't do anything, I want prayer to be my impulse. And more than that, I want to have faith like a child that my prayers are powerful and effective because they are part of His providential plan. "Prayers are powerful and effective not because they alter God's providential plan but because they are a part of it." - Jeremy Treat -- Post From My iPhone

Emme talking about Samson

Emme and Luke came to play today. It was funny to see a puppy through their eyes. Reid and I decided that we would be very firm when we disciplined Samson and use a loud "NO!" It just makes sense to start early and be consistent since he is going to be close to 100+ pounds! So, when he started to chew on the rug at my kitchen sink I yelled a firm, "NO, Samson!" Emme and Luke were quite concerned about why he would chew something, and we had to have a talk about how we only talk to dogs we are training like that - never people. Samson never really took to the kids and they had little interest in him. I'm sure it will be better when he's older. He spent most of the time we were at my house in his crate or under my desk in the kitchen. During lunch Emme got really concerned about Samson. I took a video because it was too funny to leave undocumented. *Once again, to hear the sound on the video you will have to go to the bottom of the page and pause the blog m

Happy Birthday Saylor!

Happy First Birthday Saylor! We love you! First bites of birthday cake. Standing like a big girl in December! Saylor the Lobster at Halloween. Playing with Mare in August. Playing with Mare in May. Meeting Harper Pardue in March.

Happy Birthday Reido!

Today is Reid's 26th birthday. We've been talking about the "26th" year and how its weird to think he is now closer to thirty than twenty! Its also weird to think we have celebrated ten birthdays together!!! Where has the time gone? Reid, I am so thankful that you were born! I can't even begin to imagine my life without you. Happy birthday, babe!

Samson's first days home

I promise not to become one of those people that posts about their dog all the time once I get over how darn cute he is! Tonight will be his third night at our house. He has been sleeping in his crate and handled the first night like a champ. Last night was a little more rough... I was up at 5 this morning and saw little point in going back to bed. We're just figuring each other out, and I'm thankful Reid was all about buying dog books so I know that already. I'm doing my best to enjoy the puppy stage while while it lasts because his parents were both about 100 pounds!;) First time in the yard Stretch and play His new favorite toy - a stuffing-free mallard Mama and baby are so tired! (It's horribly hard but we decided not to let him on the furniture even as a puppy. He has a bed he usually chooses not to sleep on.)

Meet Samson

I am excited to introduce the newest member of the Grandle family. You might remember the post a few months ago about Reid and me secretly emailing the silver lab breeder at the same time with the hope of surprising each other with a puppy. I got too excited to keep my correspondence a secret and finally told Reid what I was planning to do. Well, Reid decided to keep up the communication and surprise me with a puppy for our three year anniversary. It worked and I was shocked! We picked him out yesterday and went back today to bring him home. The rest, as they say, is history. -- Post From My iPhone