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Happy 69th...

Birthday to my incredibly funny, loving, and selfless dad! You seriously make life way more fun! -- Post From My iPhone

Kauai Vacation 2011

We are back from our wonderful vacation! It was so great to get away and have some time to relax, act silly, reflect on the past, and dream about our future. Here are some pics from our trip...

Highlights from April & May

In April our across the street neighbor asked if we could keep their 10-month old lab, Kobe. We decided it would be a good idea to see what life with two dogs would really be like. We've been contemplating getting a little brother or sister for Samson since the day we brought him home, and this was going to be the big test! In the first three hours of Kobe's arrival my decision was made. It was later confirmed after I woke up 5 times in the night to let him out. We will NOT be getting another dog. But, they are pretty cute together... We celebrated Easter weekend in Little Rock. It was lots of fun, and keeping true to form, I have only three pictures to prove it. Saturday we climbed Pinnacle "Mountain" with Samson. As soon as we sat down at the top he plopped his rear on Reid's lap. I'm only slightly embarrassed by how spoiled he is. We went to church with my dad on Sunday morning, ate lunch with Mom, and had a great dinner at the Grandles with my dad and the