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Little Rock - June

Naturally, I'm posting out of order. California will come when I get a few more pictures from Reid's family - sadly I didn't take very many. After returning to Dallas Monday morning I learned that a friend's dad had passed away. So, I needed to go to Little Rock. I picked up Samson from the Rover Resort (he had so much fun he could have stayed another week), did laundry, slept (I'd taken the red eye) and drove to Little Rock Tuesday morning. I missed being in Little Rock for my mom's birthday this year because we were in California. But, on Wednesday I was able to go to a little party that the nursing home activities director organized for those with June birthdays. That evening (the only time I took pictures) my dad and I went back together to see her. It was really nice outside so we went on a walk. She loved it, but we couldn't get her to pick up her feet for anything. So, my dad spent the first half of the walk pushing her while she was planting her feet

Oh Samson

He's always been the sweetest puppy... So, it's hard to believe that same sweet seven month old puppy has done this to our backyard in the past week... It's a good thing he's cute, too!