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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our little family of three!!!

On a roll

Olivia rolled over from back to tummy on Wednesday! I set her down on her play mat in the living room while I was in the kitchen, and could hardly believe my eyes when I walked back in to check on her. She was happily playing on her tummy! We have found her on her tummy a couple of times when we've gone in to get her out of bed in the mornings. But, we'd never seen it in person and, honestly, I thought those few times were just a fluke. Here are a few pictures of what I found when I walked back in the living room... She is a very proud girl! And a little video of her in action later that day...

Practice Makes Perfect

Look who is learning to sit like a big girl... We starting working on sitting up with the Boppy (and an extra blanket propped behind her back). I think she's doing great for being 3 1/2 months adjusted! We are so proud of you, Olivia!

Her Blankie

Right before Olivia came home from the hospital Reid and I bought her a little pink blankie. We sort of agreed that we would prefer that none of our kids be super attached to any certain item because it can cause a lot of angst when that special something gets lost. And it always seems that the "extras" you might buy as replacements are never quite as good as the original. We have a few things that I think she really does like to snuggle with - the pink blankie square, a soft white blanket, a Jellycat pig, and an elephant lovey - but she's never shown any real attachment. She's never even been super attached to her paci (which she's used since before she was 30 weeks gestation). Then, yesterday she was fussy, fighting sleep, and I'd run out of options. I thought about what I wanted when I was little and had trouble falling asleep... My blanket by my face! So, I grabbed the little blankie and tucked it by her face and she immediately grasped it, calmed down, an

Downhill Slope

Today is Olivia's last day as a six month old. I feel so sentimental. I know technically once you reach six months you start the downhill slope to a year, but turning seven months old seems monumental. So, here we go. Soaking in today with my little girl and looking forward to all the fun her seventh month will bring. (Maybe this will be the month she rolls from back to tummy - she's so close!)

Love her so...