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A Letter to My Mom on Mother's Day

Dear Mom,  I have been thinking about you more than usual this week. Mother's Day is Sunday, and I couldn't be more thankful that you are my special mom. I think most about your patience, love, and generosity . I am amazed at your ability to mother three children so well. I think about the time you would take to do something special with each of us individually. You hardly ever asked for time to yourself. You lived in a purposeful way; modeling what it meant to serve your church, family, and friends. You have left a legacy, and that is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children.  I have never said it aloud, but our relationship changed when I learned you had Alzheimer's. Maybe it was fear that caused me to pull back when I found out you were sick. I felt like the clock of a ticking time bomb had begun. I miss our talks and I know you do, too.  Now, I love just spending time with you, helping you remember things we used to do. I love those moments when you lo

Buddy Garmin

I have a new toy! Today, my generous dad bought me a GPS-enabled training watch for runners. It offers highly accurate time, distance, pace, heart rate, calories burned, etc. I am also able to upload my progress from the watch to my Mac. I named him Buddy (Garmin is the brand) because now I have a running buddy. I am so excited!

Mare Moments Never End

Reid and I would love to buy or lease a house in the near future. We often talk about what we would like to find in a home: at least two bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms, granite counter tops , hardwoods, a nicely fenced yard, fresh paint, updated bathrooms, and a two car garage. Oh, and most importantly, the outside of the home must be aesthetically pleasing (we prefer brick over siding). What gets us every time we look for a house is the price tag that comes with all of those amenities. After looking at a house today I was reminded how difficult it is going to be for a "starter home" to meet all of our expectations. Not to mention, I am pretty awful at playing the real estate game. Our real estate search began last fall. We really like an area of Dallas called the M Streets (for all you LR people it is a lot like The Heights). We spent many weekend afternoons driving around the M streets. Finally, we found a house we loved. It was newer, dark red brick with really cute shut

Moment of Panic

I am about to share my biggest fear. Do you ever have dreams where you are in a public place and suddenly realize you are not wearing any pants? If you don't have obnoxious dreams then good for you. I not only have those dreams, but I also have what I call "moments of panic" when I fear I have left the house without putting on pants. For instance, today while at Target I nearly lost my marbles in a panic that I did not put on any pants this morning. Nevermind that I had already seen the entire Lilja family first thing this morning and no one mentioned anything about me being naked. So, if anyone has an explanation for my moments of panic I would definitely appreciate it.