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Open Water Dives

I'm doing my Open Water checkout dives this weekend for my certification. So far, I've completed the first dive at the lake and I'm having a blast. I've always loved the water, but this is a whole new view. I can't wait for our vacation to Kauai to try out my new skills in just two weeks!!!! -- Post From My iPhone

Best Friends

Harper came to visit Emme today. Emme wanted to share her Elmo Potty video with Harper - they both really liked it! -- Post From My iPhone

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad anyone could ask for!

Mom's Birthday Party!

The party was a success! Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I will need to get some better copies than these from my phone. We were all sitting around telling stories about my mom. It was fun to hear her dear friends share their memories of her! More friends sharing their memories. The CUTE cake that has WAY too much left over! Community Bakery cakes are a family favorite! Mom was a bit distacted by all the noise ;) We had a fun time, though! Tired and relaxed at Mary Neal's after a great party! She loved lounging on thing big chair. We all took turns cuddling with her. And thank you, Becky, for letting us use your home to have the party! You are an amazing hostess, and are such a great buddy to Mom! -- Post From My iPhone

The Book

I finally received my copy of Rebecca's book! I am so excited to read it, in fact, I will probably be up all night tonight. If you get a chance, please visit Rebecca's blog and read more about the journey she and her husband have been on this past year after loosing their first child, Molly. While I haven't read it yet, I can assure you this book is a must-read. You can order your copy here . I have been so encouraged this past year by Rebecca's honest words. There is a Letter to the Reader at the end of her book (yes, I always look at what is at the end first) and in it she, once again, she amazes me with her wisdom and Christ-like perspective. She says, "We are never promised a life without pain, but rather we are promised that the God of all comfort is close to the brokenhearted." Click here to read my first post about Molly's story from a year ago.

Happy 58th Birthday, Mama!

Fifty-eight years ago today my mom was born. I'm biased, but I'm going to make the claim that the world has never been the same. I hope I can do for my children all that she has done for us in the 25 years I have known her.  At 32 she married my 41 year old dad not knowing if they would be able to have children easily. Three babies later, her children became her world. She has sacrificed so much to make sure we grew up with everything - she was a mom that stayed home to raise us, schooled us from home (yes, I was home schooled), and most importantly she taught us what it meant to live in the image of Christ. So, today on her birthday, though she won't remember or understand for long, when she is told what a special day it is I pray that she knows how loved she is. 

How She Rolls

This is how Emerson ate her breakfast this morning - bow in hair: check, sunglasses on: check, neck adorned with jewels: check. Isn't she the girliest little thing you've ever seen! -- Post From My iPhone