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Reid put the finishing touches on the swing set last weekend and Olivia has been enjoying her swing more than ever. We also hung a "big kid" swing next to her baby one so we can swing along with her. She thinks its lots of fun! She also likes to go pretty high. I'm sure there is some sort of rule about not pushing a 13.5 pound baby as high as I have been. But, she doesn't seem phased. :)

Happy First Birthday!

Olivia turned ONE on Saturday! I seriously can't believe a year has passed since our baby was born. It is unreal! We had a wonderful day celebrating Olivia. We started with brunch at one of our favorite Dallas spots, Oddfellows. I love their chicken and waffles and knew that Olivia would, too. ;) She didn't waste any time digging in. After brunch we made a quick stop at a local children's boutique to buy O her first pair of sandals. They are a size 0 (smallest they make) and are the tiniest, sweetest, light pink sandals I've ever seen. She immediately brought her foot to her mouth and used them as a teether. Whatever makes her happy! :) On our way home we stopped to give her sisters their birthday flowers. Happy first birthday Madelyn and Mary Grace! We spent some time playing with her new birthday present before naptime! She absolutely loves it and even sat on her own for the first time while she was playing. Such a

First Birthday's Eve

Olivia will be one tomorrow! We can hardly believe it and are so excited to celebrate! A few pictures on her last day as an 11 month old. She doesn't sit still! Everything is ready for our very special girl's big day!