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Neglect my blog? Shame on me.

Easter Sunday in Sheridan. We took my mom for the afternoon and she had a great time, and had no issues going back to the nursing home. Brunch with the Grandle/Almefty families on Easter morning. Celebrating another holiday with our favorite couple, Alison and Rami. We LOVE you guys! Laila and her "Auntie Mare" at brunch. She will be five in May and I could literally weep for the years that have passed so quickly.  Here she is just four years ago, only a few days before her first birthday. See why I want to cry?She went from a baby to a little girl overnight!!! And last, but not least,  this is sweet Brayden March, born on April 9. His Mommy is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I just can't wait to meet him!!!!!!  

Happy Easter Weekend

Well, Reid and I are in Little Rock this weekend with family. My dad and I came up to the nursing home today after a stop at Target for some Easter goodies. Meet "Grandmother" as they call her. She is in her late nineties and is a riot. She repeatedly goes "shopping" in my mom's room and takes all her stuffed animals and baby doll. Today my dad brought her a doll. As you can tell she was very pleased with his selection! I found my mom sitting on her bed. The nurse said they had been trying to get her to lay down and she wouldn't. When she saw me she got this huge grin on her face! I snapped a quick picture in the dark room. We brought mom a smoothie and Easter candy. Here is dad helping her drink it. She's thinking really hard about these M&Ms. We love chocolate in this family. I have been thinking so much this week about Easter and the blessing of the Cross. I try to keep perspective, even though so much has changed and it would be so easy to allow


These are my firsts. If I tag you it means I want to know yours.  Your Firsts   1. Who was your FIRST date? John Rainwater. I think he was the first date of EVERY girl at Walnut Valley.   2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love? Yes, I'm married to him. :)   3. What was your 1st alcoholic drink? Hmmmm I think that was wine. Yuck!   4. What was your FIRST job? I opened my own Snow Cone stand with three friends one summer in high school.   5. What was your FIRST car? My grandmother's old BMW. I had a love/hate relationship with that car.   6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today? Reid. What a good husband.   7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? Reid. I'm such a good wife.   8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? My mom - I was home schooled. Please don't judge me, we were very normal and were with other kids all the time!   9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane? St. Louis to visit my Aunt Dorot

Dad's Visit

Last October, Reid received an alert from Ticket Master. There would be a Bill Gaither concert in Fort Worth in April and he called to see if I thought that would be a good present to give my mom and dad for Christmas. I immediately agreed. It would be fun to have them come visit and to see a concert that they love.  Two months passed. It was the middle of December when my dad realized something had changed. She hadn't slept in a few days, wouldn't drink or eat, she was combative and it took a lot to control her. The plan was to have her taken to the hospital to get fluids. When she left in the ambulance that afternoon we never imagined that she wouldn't come back home. As many of you know, she spent nearly three weeks in a geriatric psych ward (through Christmas and New Years). After being released, she has lived in a nursing home where she receives full time care. So, how does any of this relate to my dad's visit? Well, I did still give my dad the concert tickets, an

The Week in Review

Well, its time for an update. Reid finished his case in Hawaii and spent last week working out of the Dallas office (Yay!). It was a blast having him here, and even better that he was making his own schedule for the week. We were able to take advantage and do some fun things that we don't normally get to do together! We met in Houston during his first weekend off (I drove down, he flew in from Hawaii) for a wedding. He went to Penn with David, and we both love his new wife Emily! Congrats to both of you guys - the wedding was a blast! During his week at home we had a dinner date with the Smiths , watched Lost with the Pardues , went on a LUNCH date, and hosted my dad this past weekend. It was a great time. Reid left Monday morning to start a project in St. George, Utah. I'm excited he will only be gone Monday through Thursday with this case... David and Emily's Ceremony Celebrating at the reception.

Gaither Concert

Here is a picture we took when the concert was over. My dad saw this picture and said he looked like an old man. I told him he was at a Bill Gaither concert at one in the afternoon and that "old man" was right! It was a good show, even though I made some jokes about it in my last post. 

1 pm

I'm at my first Bill Gaither concert with my dad. I am here with all of the other "Jolly Geriatrics" in the DFW area for a concert at 1 pm. Yes, my friends, one o'clock in the afternoon. Shockingly, I've never heard so much shouting from a crowd of 50 plus. Granted most of the shouts are words of "Amen" and "hallelujah" but either way I'm impressed. They just did a shout out to Nazarenes, Catholics, Methodists, but when they got to the Penecostals I thought the roof was gonna come down! Some religions sure don't mess around. I was just hoping this concert would mean I wouldn't have to go to church this weekend. (that was supposed to be a joke). More on the concert later...they are singing a song I happen to like! It's called "Thank You" -- Post From My iPhone

We're Pregnant!

The baby is due in... April Fools! Sorry, I couldn't think of anything better this year. Wouldn't it be slightly funny if we found out I was pregnant soon after posting this joke? I guess that would make us the "fools" wouldn't it? -- Post From My iPhone