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Guess what I found at the library?

Today I was at the library with Luke, Emerson, and their Nana (Ginny). It is a children's library called Bookmarks in Northpark Mall here in Dallas and is a really cute place to take the kids. Luke loves the computer that he can't mess up and picking out books and a DVD every week or two. It is a really great place!

Well, as we were rounding up the troops I noticed a book, actually a children's book, titled Barack Obama! It was displayed nicely next to some 100 page text book about John McCain's military service that looked totally kid unfriendly (the library does not yet have the children's book recently written by McCain's daughter).  I picked up the Barack Obama book and began to flip through, enraged that now people are reading to their children about a man who really has no historical significance in our nation to date, besides being the first African America to run for President.  So, with moral support of Ginny, I decided to check out the book with two objectives in mind: 1) to play a little joke on my very conservative boss and leave it next to his bed for nighttime reading, and 2) to take the book so no one else would see it before the election (checkout time for books is exactly 3 weeks). 

I know it is only one book in one library, but I still feel liberated.


  1. hahaha. This is why I love you! We need to know reactions of the prank... update soon!

  2. Mare! That is incredible! I'm so glad you did that! You are hilrious.

  3. I really had started to like this blog until I came across this post.

    I label people with the same mindset as you in one one word....simple. Even without you, my president elect still prevailed. McCain supporters claim him to be a hero...PLEASE! He's nothing more than a two bit whore that left his wife during her most troubled time and sold his country out to spare his own life.

    No historical significance to date? When did that become part of the criteria to run for president. Barack Obama was NOT the first black guy to run for President...he was however the first bi-racial person to do so.

    I swear....

    And folks wonder why race relations in this country are still heightened. Get a clue and get out of your bubble.


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